Uncontested Divorce Information
If you and your spouse are unable to remain married, but are still able to communicate with one another well enough to reach your own agreement with respect to how your property will be divided, how debts will be divided, and all of the other issues involved in your divorce, then you may want to consider hiring an attorney solely to draw up the agreement the two of you have reached, as well as the other necessary paperwork for filing with the Court.  This type of divorce usually requires no Court appearance or other litigation, and since the two of you have reached your own agreement you are not having to pay an attorney to assist with the negotiation.  Because of the limited time required by the attorney in this type of legal matter, the rates for an uncontested divorce are considerably less than the fees generally charged by attorneys for a contested divorce matter. 
It is important that you make sure this is what you want to do before you hire any attorney to draw up the uncontested divorce paperwork.  I recommend that before taking a step toward divorce, that you both consider going to counseling.   If your marriage can be saved, you should attempt that first.  There are trained counselors in our area who are willing to assist you.  In addition, many times your own pastor will be willing to work with the two of you toward reconciling your marriage.  If you don't currently have a pastor, many churches will offer this service to you without charge.
The basic attorney fee I charge for drafting the uncontested divorce paperwork without children is $199.00, and with children, my attorney fee is $249.00.  When children are involved, a great deal of additional paperwork is required, so rates are higher. In every case, you will also have to pay the Court filing fee ("court costs") in addition to my attorney fee.  After the paperwork is drawn up, I will have earned the attorney fee you have paid, but in the event, you or your spouse backs out, and chooses not to sign the paperwork, I can still refund the Court costs to you.  Be absolutely sure that you have confidence that your spouse will sign the paperwork prior to hiring me to draw it up, otherwise, the uncontested divorce paperwork will be worthless to you, and you will have wasted your money. 

In cases in which either of the two of you own real property, I also recommend having an attorney draw up a deed for the conveyance of the real property pursuant to the final decree of divorce, after the conclusion of your divorce case.  This is a separate legal matter, and you may choose to hire another lawyer to draft this deed for you if you choose.  There are also separate probate court fees which will be charged for the recording of this deed in the probate court of your County.  Please call for my rates for drawing up deeds or any other legal documents.

Court costs vary by county, but are generally in the range of $150.00 to 200.00.  These are the last known current rates I have for Dallas County and surrounding counties.  Please check these rates with your local Circuit Clerk's Office to determine if any of these rates have changed:

             Court costs per County

 Autauga        $199.00  (334) 361-3736
 Chilton  $179.00  (205) 280-1844
 Dallas  $158.00  (334) 874-2523
 Lowndes  $149.00  (334) 548-2252
 Marengo  $149.00  (334) 295-2219
 Perry  $199.00  (334) 683-6106
 Wilcox  $183.00  (334) 682-4126


Advertised fees are limited to Dallas County, Alabama and surrounding counties, and will remain in effect for no less than sixty days from the current date.  Please call to find out my fee for any other county.


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